I was actively looking for a decent and fashionable recumbent since 1994. Then I saw the Maxarya recumbents on the internet and immediately fell in love with its simple design. I purchased a Ray-1 in May 2004. It is so stylish and safe to pedal, not to mention very comfortable, rider-friendly and extremely durable, yet with a superior craftsmanship.

It is stable and delivers a smoothly responsive power transfer due to its Mid-Drive system design which makes the bike stable and gives it an elegant look as compared to the long chain design found in many other recumbent bikes.

Our adjustment to the Maxarya bike took only 15 minutes. My wife and I had no problem balancing, stopping and changing gears or steering. For my 50 mile fun rides I use clipless pedals and to increase the maximum visibility I have installed a four foot 3M reflective flag.

My wife and I both agree that the Maxarya recumbent bike is an excellent choice. With our Maxarya bent we both continue regularly riding for leisure and participate in 30-50 mile “FUN” rides sponsored by our club while meeting with new friends and maintain our health. Only Maxarya bike makes it realistic to keep our interest and “Adrenalin” going! This bike is so easy and comfortable to ride long distances without experiencing any sore neck, pressure on the wrist or back pain because of its ergonomical seat back support.

We can now appreciate the sceneries and see things we never noticed on our upright bikes before. Oh, yes! Some drivers slow down and stare at us on our Maxarya bent (our heads are at the same level as the driver of a car). Who can blame them?!

To all bike riders out there, Rider Maxarya recumbent and see the big difference!