What Is The Kojic Acid?

Kojic acid is a natural ingredient that comes from various fungi and organic substances. It is probably the most well known and effective skin lightening ingredient used in skincare treatments to fade dark spots & patches from Hyperpigmentation. Kojic acid has been shown to fade or erase age spots, freckles and sun damage when used as directed.

In fact, there are numerous types of hyperpigmentation problems that can successfully be treated with kojic acid as it del with the very start of pigmentation by inhibiting melanin production. In technical terms, kojic acid stops the antioxidant properties of the enzyme tyrosinase, which reacts with an amino acid called tyrosine to produce melanin. By preventing the production of melanin in this way, kojic acid can prevent and reverse the darkening of your skin, revealing a lighter, brighter and even toned look.

A lot of skin lightening products have a fairly short shelf life because they are not particularly stable. However, formulas that contain kojic acid tend to have a much longer shelf life because kojic acid is very stable and actually resists oxidation.

Kojic acid has been extensively researched by many dermatologists and scientists over the years and has been proven to be safe and very effective.