Having been an active participant in a variety of sporting events, I have a committed interest in maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle. As a chiropractor and an advocate of fitness I believe in keeping the body healthy and functioning at its optimum level.

As a result I was greatly impressed when I saw and rode Maxarya’s recumbent bike. It began with the stylistic and clean design of the bike. But the true magic began when I sat and rode Maxarya’s recumbent bike. It is a totally new experience from the traditional bike.

The broad weight distribution across the back and buttocks was a welcome change from the traditionally uncomfortable pressure found with a conventional bike saddle. Furthermore, from a chiropractic and postural point of view I could see the immediate benefits of maintaining an upright posture. Besides the obvious benefits of increased visual awareness, the stresses and strains over the entire back including the shoulders and neck were markedly reduced by moving from the bent over posture of a traditional bike to the more ergonomically friendly upright posture of this recumbent bicycle. In addition, complaints of numb hands and fingers from median nerve compression would likely be substantially reduced in moving from the traditional bike posture where excessive weight bearing occurs at the wrist joint.

I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys exercising outdoors or wants to make a healthy choice to improve their fitness, to look for Maxarya’s recumbent bikes. Once you have a chance to see and take a ride, you’ll never be content with an ordinary bike again