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JN Beauty Solutions™ DETOXX 7D with main ingredients is probiotics and some other herbal extracts, is required to start using by reducing foods high in fat, sugar, and foods snacks and desserts and limit the habits of consuming those foods in your diet for about three days before starting your cleansing and cleansing process. Users are encouraged to drink plenty of water (at least 64 oz or 2 liters per day) during body cleansing.

JN Beauty Solutions™ DETOXX 7D delivers the most effective benefits when done by following the instructions correctly. JN Beauty Solutions™ DETOXX 7D is currently considered the most effective after testing and practical experience on many customers with different ages, eating habits, and geographic locations over the course of nearly 6 years, if comparison with the wide variety of tonics and capsules available on the market that have not been tested, and scams about the origin and ingredients.

Probiotics are microorganisms (bacteria or yeasts) that naturally benefit the gut. These microorganisms will produce Lactic Acid, ferment food, create an acid environment to limit the growth of harmful bacteria and limit gastrointestinal infections, overcome intestinal dysbiosis, to help the immune system in the intestine strengthen the function. However, probiotics are NOT self-produced but need to be supplemented from outside to improve intestinal resistance.

Although, probiotics exist in the intestinal tract and help the body absorb nutrients better and help the intestines perform well in the digestive tract. In the gastrointestinal tract there are many strains of beneficial bacteria, we often encounter 2 main strains of useful bacteria: Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium. Probiotics exist in the intestinal tract and help the body absorb nutrients better and help the intestines perform well in digestion.

Here are the positive effects of probiotics on our bodies:
  • Effects against pathogenic bacteria in the gut:
  • Effects on intestinal mucosa
  • Effects on intestinal immune system
  • Improve intestinal microflora, prevent diarrhea and constipation.
  • Impact on intestinal bacteria
  • Against gastrointestinal cancer:
  • Reduce blood fat:
  • Increases resistance:
  • Reduce cholesterol absorption
  • It also helps to quickly recover from diarrhea and use many antibiotics.

After more than 4 years of launch, Beauty Solutions DETOXX 7D has been widely accepted worldwide with over half million products and has earned the trust of many customer ingredients due to its outstanding purification features. However, for some places and eating habits, it has not yet met more widely the customer ingredients so Beauty Solutions decided to develop a superior formula with twice the dosage and the number of days used aims to ultimately solve the problems needed in the cleansing of the intestine and the body.

Our New Formulae DETOXX 7D will come in 30 doses requiring 2 doses a day, morning and night for 15 days versus the 7 days of the original formula. With the instructions for use as follows:
Morning: 2 capsules before eating – 2 tablets in the evening after the last meal.
Required to drink plenty of water during purification At least 2 liters a day.

DETOXX 7D removes toxins and wastes that accumulate in the colon, or large intestine, and promotes the flushing of impurities that cannot be eliminated by normal means. This encourages weight loss and eliminates waste products from the intestines, prevents inflammation of the intestines, colon…. So with just 15 days quickly you can cleanse your body and be ready to prepare for other beauty programs such as exercise, weight loss ….

DETOXX 7D is designed as a purification and cleansing product, not a weight loss product.After completing the 15-day cleansing process with JN Beauty Solutions DETOXX 7D, people are encouraged to increase exercise, drink enough fluids and eat a nutritious, nutritious diet with vegetables and fruits or continue to use weight loss products JN Beauty Solutions G-Burn X (Excess Energy Burning Products) and G.SLIM MAXX – weight loss support products with KETONES technology to achieve high efficiency if there is a need weight maintenance and safe weight loss.

This DETOXX 7D can be used every two months for long-term cleansing benefits such as increased energy, frequent bowel movements, deworming, constipation and diarrhea relief (and others, relief). scales). Especially not for children, pregnant women.

  1. The product is manufactured for the sole purpose of intestinal purification. Bring practical effects for health.
  2. The product supports a wide range of people from people with digestive problems to those who need good results from taking medicines or vitamins. Because most of the nutrients and drugs that you are currently taking are ingested. If your gut is not clean, the effectiveness of the nutrients and drugs you are looking for will not be fully absorbed by your body.
  3. This product strongly aids in deworming the body.
  4. The product helps to expel waste, solids, and feces from the user’s colon. Minimize intestinal infection and digestive disorders.
  5. The product purifies and gets rid of all mucous membranes sticking in the intestinal wall for a long time. With 60 meters of intestines in the body, when the purification and getting rid of the mucous membranes sticking in the intestinal wall, users will feel smaller and thinner, lighter.
  6. The product uses natural ingredients, so there are no side effects
  7. The product supports the coronary muscles and muscles to function normally.
  8. The Product helps the body re-establish a more regular bowel schedule.
  9. The Product reduces constipation or chronic diarrhea.
  10. The product is manufactured and packaged in a factory that meets the GMP standard of the FDA – USA.

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