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The JN BEAUTY SOLUTIONS™ OXYGEN INFUSION set includes two products applying the latest technology JN-LSS2020 of Beauty Solutions which is a professional treatment solution for cosmetic problems such as Brightening, Rejuvenation, Reducing Inflammation and improving results skin texture.

JN Beauty Solutions™ OXYGEN INFUSION DEPARTURE STEP 1 provides all the best nutrition vitamins for the skin including A, C, E. and safe whitening ingredients of Alpha Arbutin, Niacinamide… In addition are powerful antioxidants that increase the skin’s ability to protect, repair and recover from daily stress. Along with that, professional rejuvenating peptides included in the Natural Ingredients Base blend are aimed at correcting the skin’s systemic faults from deep within the dermis and dermis. This Gel layer, when combined with oxygen, interacts with the skin’s natural enzymes to exchange pure oxygen and detoxify the skin for long-lasting healthy skin results and instant whiteness.

JN Beauty Solutions™ OXYGEN INFUSION ACTIVATOR STEP 2 is a catalyst that activates a series of chemical reactions that create a pure oxygen environment. This interaction is important for stimulating cellular metabolism. Completing this process will improve smoker’s skin, environmentally polluted skin, sensitive skin with dilated capillaries, skin after cosmetic treatment, melasma skin, acne skin, oily skin, sensitive skin and skin damage from daily stress and pollution.

  • Restores Balance To Skin
  • Restores Vitality To Skin
  • Improves Skin Texture
  • Regulates Sebaceous Activity
  • Energizes Cellular Metabolism
  • Helps Minimize And Reduce Oily, Acne
  • Clarifies Skin For An Even Skin Complexion

After skin exfoliation/Diamond Dermabrasion step, Use 6 – 7ml with a facial mask brush. Apply OXYGEN INFUSION STEP 1 to face, neck and décolleté, with an even application. Massage for 1 minute using lifting and effleurage movements. Avoid direct contact with eye area.

Apply OXYGEN INFUSION ACTIVATOR STEP 2 using oxygen airbrush applicator. Once completed, massage for another minute using lifting and effleurage massage movements. Treatment time is approximately 3 – 5 minutes for completion. Remove with room temperature towel(s), compressed sponges or esthetic gauze. Apply TONER then proceed with the finishing skin care treatment steps.


For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. If irritation occurs flush the area immediately with water and discontinue use. If irritation persists, see your physician immediately. Keep out of reach of children.

Unlike the OXYGEN, OXYJET treatment that other beauty salons are advertising, our OXYGEN INFUSION Treatment challenges all the problems of rejuvenation, unhealthy skin texture, un -event-skin color. There is no need to use LAZER machines, expensive advertising technology, aggressive advertising tricks. We focus on the practicality and effectiveness of the product process to affirm the brand.

 Most importantly, business owners do NOT need to invest too much money in machinery, reduce process costs, product costs, and reduce costs in today’s fierce competition. AND your customers will feel the effect immediately after the first time, increasing brand reputation.

With the application of JN-LSS2020 technology to products, all the care procedures designed by JN Beauty Solutions will lay the foundation for rebuilding the perfect skin foundation for customers before starting to solve their problems. Other problems such as aging, melasma, poor skin texture, large pores, uneven skin pigmentation, inflammation, acne …

Our OXYGEN INFUSION is completely different from other aggressive advertising… and it can only be done by well-trained KTV specialists in conjunction with JN Beauty Solutions™ products only. It is not a spray of fresh oxygen, a normal spray of nutrients, not a laser technology… it’s more complicated, professional, gives real effects, quickly and safely.

Feel once to see the difference of OXYGEN INFUSION 2020 through JN-LSS2020 technology from authorized distributors and resellers of JN Beauty Solutions™.

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